Thursday, February 11, 2010

Una Buona Settimana

Una Buona Settimana…a nice week. And it was a nice week at Via Vadi. Everything went smoothly all the way around. The shop is buzzing with customers and we are already seeing ‘regulars’. How great is that? Its fun getting to know everyone and remembering what they drink; who wants extra shots; who likes a real cup and who is going to have theirs on the go!

I’ve gotten to see old friends who have stopped that heard about my new caffe’. The fire department rolled up on Sunday morning with the big ladder truck. Several folks thought I had already set my new place on fire! I look at it this way they attracted some real attention and made people stop in to see what was up. Hey I’ll take new customers any way I can get them…short of the fire of course!

I had new treats in the caffe’ this week. The Tiramisu and the Cannoli are big hits along with the little baci di damas (ask me what I call them when you stop in)! As time goes on there will be more great Italian treats here.

I have finally set the opening hours for the caffe’:

Monday –Friday 6AM
Saturday 7AM
Sunday 9AM

Closing is sort of a hit and miss at this point. So long as there are folks here I will stay open. Ideally I would like to close by 4PM, but will stay as long as folks need coffee. Stop in and have a cup and taste a treat or two. See you soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Aperto……open! That’s what happened just last Sunday when my dream came true! I opened my coffee shop, Via Vadi Caffe’, right here in South Seattle. It was just the most amazing day, having my family and my friends all around as the doors opened and people poured in throughout the day. Everyone was happy and laughing and enjoying the caffe’.

The cash register started to ring soon after the doors opened. Here’s a picture of the first sale at the caffe’. I want to remember it! Thanks to several friends lots of pictures were taken. I had no time to handle a camera!

Mom baked wonderful Italian pastries and my brother went to the bakery to pick up our order. It seems they tried to deliver it but someone (me) forgot to leave the gate unlocked. Hey, there was a lot on my mind the night before. Thanks Otto! Now the case is full of goodies, muffins, cookies, scones and the like. Some days I’ll have homemade Tiramisu and Cannoli, you’ll have to stop in for a taste.

The day went by fast, but with so much fun. The blog is new and I am feeling my way around it, sort of like the caffe’. I’ll get it though and you’ll have lots to keep up with here at Via Vadi.